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AMP tags
(02-28-2019, 10:30 AM)Danny Nash Wrote: Hi, I am using AMP ad tag for delivering faster loading creatives. But I am interested in getting listed as an  

So my question is, will you provide support for becoming an AMP vendor? If yes, can you brief me about the flow of support offered?


Yes, we do offer expert technical support for you to become an AMP vendor.  
As you are already using AMP, I am sure you know how the AMP tag works. Using AMP tag is one thing and becoming an AMP vendor is another. Our expert team provides support from start till end, i.e from developing an adaptor to getting listed as an AMP vendor. The process is transparent and if any issues develop during the process, it will be taken care by the expert team. We guarantee you in getting listed as an AMP vendor.

 For more details you can visit Revive Adservermod. (
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