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Get rewarded for watching videos
Rewarded video ads, a win-win situation for all the involved parties, watch a video and get rewarded before proceeding further. A few seconds of video ads in exchange for reward points.
Rewarded video ads

The rewarded video ads plugin for revive adserver delivers full screen video ads within the mobile SDK, if watched till the end will be a rewarding experience for the user. In the gaming perception, the user will get rewards to proceed further in the game. The plugin can being in a lot of traction to the destination site in the creative.

Basically there are no changes to the video player, Support for VAST elements and attributes, including protocols, video mime types, companion banners, and more is the same as interstitial video support.

What can the plugin offer you?

One thing that can be ensured about the plugin is the improved revenue graph. Delivering eye catching, rewarding videos with a maximum duration of 30 seconds ensure that the user is not annoyed by the creatives in-between the gaming experience, also the plugin delivers creatives that are closely associated with the game in progress.

This provides ample opportunity for the user to click the ad and proceed to the destination page. This can be considered as an added advantage of the plugin. It increases CTR for the displayed creatives.

When compared with other formats of displaying creatives, rewarded video ads provide you with higher eCPM. User engagement with video creative is considerably higher when compared with other video formats. Also, this serves as a platform for advertisers to offer in-app purchases as an alternative for watching the entire video. Brand awareness will definitely sky rocket if the plugin is used properly.

A place to get rewarded with the plugin
Does it offer ancillary ad support? If yes, then what type of ad?
(02-28-2019, 08:39 AM)David Ryder Wrote: Does it offer ancillary ad support? If yes, then what type of ad?

Hi David,

Yes, of course the plugin supports ancillary ads, but they are optional not mandatory.
What will be the ad format used by the plugin?
(02-28-2019, 08:41 AM)William George Wrote: What will be the ad format used by the plugin?

Hello William,

The plugin only supports video ads and will take up the entire screen space of the device. More or less like interstitial ads but with in-app reward points.
What video formats will the plugin support?
(02-28-2019, 08:44 AM)Huge Philip Wrote: What video formats will the plugin support?

Hi Huge Philip,

The plugin support all the VAST video formats that are present in the market today, also it is designed with future format updates so it won’t be a problem to update it according to the requirements.
Super Moderator
Revive AdserveMod
How long will the ad play? Can it be tracked?
(02-28-2019, 08:48 AM)Kofi kings Wrote: How long will the ad play? Can it be tracked?

Hi Kofi Kings,

Generally, a in-app rewarding videos will play for 30 seconds and yes, the plugin provides a perfect report of tracking data.
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Revive AdserveMod
What is the maximum and minimum video length supported?

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