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What are the right mobile ad formats and the best mobile ad sizes?
(05-13-2019, 02:28 PM)Kumar Wrote: What are the right mobile ad formats and the best mobile ad sizes?

Beyond the obvious reasons, This ad provides an enormous amount of potential engagement within the ad unit without having to leave the ad. It can contain store videos and more. The brand can give a full breadth of options to the potential customer. This is very useful for advertisers to show all the products related to their brand. It is used mainly to increase the brand value within a single place.
The full-page flex displays a huge ad which sticks to the foreground and background of the mobile device. It occupies the full-screen space of mobile devices and provides a good return on investment.
Another feature of this unit is the ability to size appropriately depending on the device size and type.
adhesion banner is one of the hallmarks of mobile advertising, It uses the accelerometer features of the phone so it is always on the bottom of the screen and automatically adjusts based on the vertical or horizontal orientation of the device.

So we recommend buying this plug-in to achieve these features.

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