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Revive Adserver v4.2 released
what are the new features of Revive Adserver v4.2?
(04-24-2019, 07:47 AM)Alwins Wrote: what are the new features of Revive Adserver v4.2?

This new version fixes numerous bugs
Updated the definition of "Active" Advertisers and Campaigns in the UI to also include Advertisers and Campaigns which will become active in the future (i.e. in the "Awaiting" state), to help with their management.

Renamed the "Legacy" Browser and Operating System delivery rules, which have been retained so far for compatibility for users upgrading from earlier versions, to "Deprecated", in preparation for removing these delivery rules in a future major release.

Improved how the user/account management permission is named in the UI.

The Zone Probability screen now includes a link to the parent campaign for each banner.

Replaced the old "weight" measure on the Zone Probability screen with the actual Campaign and Banner weights, to improve clarity around probabilities of banner display in a zone.

Added support for hourly statistics to the XML-RPC API.

IP anonymization enabled and targeting OAID cookie disabled by default on new installations.

We provide upgradation services for Openx/Revive or later version to latest version, through
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What's New updates in Revive Adserver 4.2.1
(05-29-2019, 02:27 PM)William George Wrote: What's New updates in Revive Adserver 4.2.1

Supplanted powerless pseudo arbitrary number age with a crypto safe option in the age of the secret word recuperation joins, which currently additionally have a greatest legitimacy of 60 minutes. This aides keeping aggressors from increasing unapproved access to Revive Adserver client accounts.
some of the required PHP extensions for Revive Adserver not displaying in the pre-install/upgrade check screen and Active Campaigns filter incorrectly hiding campaigns depending on the order of active or inactive banners found for the campaign issues are fixed.
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