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Revive Adserver do Country Wise Bidding
How do I use Country Wise Bidding in Revive Adserver?
(04-29-2019, 02:11 PM)David Ryder Wrote: How do I use Country Wise Bidding in Revive Adserver?

When you have a banner that you want to be displayed to visitors of a specific country Wise Win Bid.
Country wise bidding plugin for revive adserver allows the advertiser to bid on the suitable country for publishing the banner advertisement. The plugin provides a control panel for the advertiser which has all the countries present in the ad server. It will collect the bid amount of all advertisers and offers priority to the highest bid rate.
For Instance, if advertiser E bids $2 for the country the US and if advertiser D bids $1 for the same country, the E ads are displayed twice more than the advertiser D. The country-wise bidding plugin will place the ads on the right website and attract the audience.

So we recommend buying this plug-in to achieve these features.

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